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World’s airline industry in dire financial situation

Latest indication: Air traffic control job cuts in Canada In 2019, the world’s airline industry took a bit of hit with the two crashes and grounding of  hundreds of Boeing Max 8 aircraft being flown  by airlines around the world »

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Amidst economic turmoil, a new Bank of Canada governor

With the pandemic creating some of the worst economic conditions on record, the Bank of Canada governor Steven Poloz had to enact measures to help soften the blow of mass business closures and massive unemployement. This included dropping the overnight »

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Bank of Canada makes sudden unscheduled lending-rate drop

Today Canada’s central bank made an unscheduled announcement concerning its overnight lending rate, the rate upon which lending banks base their own rates to consumers and business. The next scheduled bank announcement had been set for April 15, but this »

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What to do, or not do, in times of financial uncertainty

Stock markets are tumbling, people are losing huge value on their investments as panic selling sets in. The drop in value is such that automatic systems have halted trading on at least a couple of stock markets. But what should »

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Canadians less confident about their finances: CIBC poll

As Canadians survey the ravages of the holiday season and the continuously diving loonie on their wallets, the good news is over two-thirds say they still feel positive about their current financial situation. The bad news, according a recent poll »

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Women raise money for women entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs are underfinanced and under supported, says Vicki Saunders, and she has started a crowdfunding initiative to change that. Founder of Toronto-based SheEO, Saunders is asking for donations of $1,000 from 1,000 women to create a pool of money »

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Ottawa’s reluctance stalls finance ministers’ talks on pension reform

Despite most of Canada’s provinces wanting to move ahead to protect Canada’s government pension plan, Canada’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said this was not the right time to do anything, or plan anything. Finance ministers from Canada’s 10 provinces met »