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 Notre Dame restoration, a Canadian stonemason comments

The damage to this great cathedral can be easily seen to be devastating and extensive. The ancient oak beams supporting the steeply vaulted lead-covered roof are gone and speculation is they will not, and very possibly could not be replaced.» 

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Canadians ‘heartbroken’ by Notre-Dame blaze

It is “absolutely heartbreaking” to see the Notre-Dame Cathedral in flames, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted Monday as Canadians across the country watched in horror and disbelief images of the iconic 12th-century Paris landmark being devoured by a raging blaze.» 

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Seven refugee children die in a house fire

It is heartbreaking to learn that a house fire took the lives of seven children in the eastern province of Nova Scotia, but even sadder that they were refugees from Syria who came to Canada less than two years ago» 

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Fire in remote Iqaluit raises concerns about supplies

The mayor and residents of the arctic community of Iqaluit are concerned about having enough supplies after fire broke out in the main grocery and general retailer late on Nov. 7, 2018. Most perishable food is brought into the town» 


Millions of fire extinguishers recalled

More than 40 million fire extinguishers have been recalled in Canada and the United States because they might not work in an emergency.  A recall notice was issued by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Safety Commission. The commission said it» 


Arctic exercise focuses on responding to hazardous chemicals fire in Inuit hamlet

Every year for the last decade the Canadian military has conducted summer exercises in the Arctic to increase its ability to operate in the North and respond to various threats and situations, ranging from military and security threats to search» 

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Canada History; Feb 3, 1916, Canada’s Parliament on fire!

The huge and impressive Gothic stone and wood Parliament building, completed in 1876, had dominated the skyline of Ottawa, the capital of the young country for just over 40 years. It was, and is located on what was originally known» 


Repairmen save three from house fire

“I heard a little girl screaming ‘Help us! Help us! We’re going to die,’” recounted electrical repairman Mario Ménard to CBC News. He and colleague Guy Desgagné were looking for downed power lines on January 4 in Hudson, Quebec, after» 


Fire ravages historic cinema

Montreal police are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed an abandoned building that once was Canada’s first movie theatre. The Robillard Building was erected in 1885 and in June 1896, Louis Minier used a room in it to» 

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Climate change doubles western U.S. forests burned: study

A new study suggests that human-caused climate change has doubled the amount of U.S. land burned by forest fires since 1984. The study’s lead author says climate change knows no borders and conditions are similar in Canada. A massive fire»