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COVID-19: Gun sales increase, crime doesn’t

In the 2011 movie “Contagion” society broke down in the face of a pandemic.  A very similar pandemic is now sweeping the world but unlike the movie nothing like the societal breakdown has occurred at least not in this country. »

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Doctors, health professionals march for stronger gun laws

Doctors and others in the health care sector held rallies in several Canadian cities today to demand stronger restrictions on guns. Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns is a grassroots group made up of trauma surgeons, emergency room doctors, pediatricians, »

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History recovered from the sea: 19th century rifles

(public comments open at bottom of all RCI stories- Comments will be posted after moderating) A most unusual historical find is slowly nearing it’s first appearance in public after spending about 150 years on the sea floor off Canada’s east »

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Gun laws, Saskatchewan residents don’t support stricter laws

(Public comments open at bottom- Comments will be posted after moderating) In Canada, obtaining a firearms licence requires mandatory training and detailed background checks by police. There are also many strict regulations regarding firearms use and storage. Many types of »

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Canadian Government introduces new gun restrictions

Citing an increase in gangs and gun crime, yesterday the federal Liberal government introduced new restrictions and obligations for gun ownership in Canada, called Bill C-71. Tony Bernardo is the executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), a »

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Gun control: More restrictions targeting wrong people?

(public comments are open and can be posted and read at the very bottom of page) Guns and gun control have long been a highly contentious issue in Canada. There are about two million licensed firearms owners in this country »

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Liberals reject e-petition to lift restrictions on AR-15 rifles

Canada’s federal government is refusing to change the restricted status of the popular Armalite AR-15 family of semi-automatic rifles despite an e-petition that has gathered more than 25,000 signatures from gun enthusiasts across the country. Writing in response to the »


Firearms rights group launches constitutional challenge of Quebec gun law

Quebec has recently passed a law which eventually would require all long-guns (rifles and shotguns)  to be individually registered with the provincial government. This comes after the federal government scrapped the national registry of long guns as being an excessively »

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Quebec aboriginals oppose provincial gun registry

A vast northern area of the central province of Quebec extends into Arctic-like conditions. This enormous area of over 440, 000 sq km, is called Nunavik  (Great Land) in the local Inuit language.  Of the semi-autonomous region’s 12,000 inhabitants, about »

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Gun control in Canada

Recent events in the U.S. and a tragic anniversary in Canada have once again ignited debate over gun control in this country. Canada has long-established and relatively stringent laws controlling private ownership, use, and storage of firearms, but for some, these »