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Firefighter’s injuries make them ‘working wounded’: study

New research shows that 70 per cent of the firefighters who were studied for one year experienced some pain in their arms, legs and back during that time. That compares with government statistics from 2013 which show that 16 per »

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Western firefighters compensated for more cancers

The western province of British Columbia is making it easier for firefighters to get compensation for cancers it considers to be an occupational hazard. After having worked for a certain period of time, firefighters who develop certain cancers can get »

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Firefighters ‘lives to be shortened,’ says union leader

Municipal firefighters who battled the massive Fort McMurray wildfire in the western province of Alberta in May are being screened for health problems, reports Canadian Press (CP). Some of the 180 crew members have developed persistent coughs, says Nick Waddington, »