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Mass Atlantic salmon escape at Pacific fish farm

(public comments may take up to 24h to appear after approval) An electrical fire caused part of a large ocean fish pen to collapse allowing from 20,000-22,000 Atlantic salmon to escape into the Pacific ocean on Friday.  The escape occurred »

Economy, Environment & Animal Life, International

Fish farming controversy over massive salmon die-off

The fact is that a huge number of farmed Atlantic salmon died last month in pens in Newfoundland. After that it gets murky as the company Northern Harvest Sea Farms, owned by Norwegian aquaculture giant Mowi, say the problem and »

Economy, Environment & Animal Life, International

Aquaculture: limitations of vaccines

Aquaculture, or fish farms,  have come under quite a bit of criticism, but in spite of that, they have now become a crucial part of the the world’s food supply. Brian Dixon (PhD) is a professor of biology and Canada »