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A ray of hope in the battle to save trapped B.C. salmon

Two months after hundreds of thousands of salmon were trapped by a landslide on the Fraser River near Lillooet, British Columbia, officials announced Wednesday they have temporarily suspended helicopter transfer operatons because thousands of sockeye and chinook salmon are successfully» 


Rising seal population could lead to codfish extinction in Gulf of St. Lawrence

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has issued a stark warning linking the demise of codfish in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence to a rapidly increasing seal population. The warning is contained in the most recent stock assessment of Atlantic» 


Canadian scientists capture unique footage of shark using drifting log as scratching post

A group of Canadian scientists studying Pacific seamounts off the coast of British Columbia have captured unique footage of a shark using a drifting log it came across in the middle of the ocean to scratch itself and try to» 


Rescue team frees 1 of 3 entangled right whales in Gulf of St. Lawrence

A Canadian whale rescue team managed Thursday to partially free one of three entangled North Atlantic right whales spotted by aerial surveillance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this week. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) said right whale No. 4423,» 


Conservation groups call for additional measures to protect endangered right whales

As bad weather hampers efforts to help three North Atlantic whales entangled in fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a group of Canadian environmental and conservation groups is calling on the federal government to introduce additional measures to» 


2 more dead right whales spotted in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Officials with Fisheries and Oceans Canada say two more endangered North Atlantic right whales have been found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The whales were found near the Acadian Peninsula, New Brunswick and west of the Magdalen Islands, Quebec, officials» 

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Scientists discover new species and deep-sea mountains off B.C. coast, call for more protection

Canadian scientists who have discovered new ancient and fragile coral forests and potentially new species during an expedition to explore deep-sea mountains off the coast of British Columbia, say they want these “spectacular” sea wonders permanently protected. An expedition team» 

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Rescuers free beached whale in Nova Scotia

The tide was moving out so rescuers improvised to free a beached pilot whale grounded ashore Monday morning near Dartmouth, N.S. As dozens of concerned spectators–including surfers, hikers and fire-fighters looked on–some rescuers poured water on the giant mammal while» 

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Vancouver symposium seeks solution for drop in Orca numbers

As the resident killer whale population continues to dwindle in West Coast waters off southern British Columbia and northern Washington state, experts gathered in Vancouver this week to try to come up with a plan to halt the decline. Studies» 

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Humpback whale washes up on Nova Scotia coast

A new element has been added to the mystery about why thousands of dead sea creatures are washing up dead on Nova Scotia shores near the town of Digby. Thousands of herring, starfish, lobster, bar clams, crabs and scallops have»