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Fishermen step up efforts to stop effluent pipeline

Several fishermen vow to block a boat hired to study a proposed pipeline that would dump effluent from a pulp mill into water off Canada’s eastern shores. Northern Pulp wants to build a pipeline overland and underground that would transfer »

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Forced labour, trafficking persist in Thai fishing fleets: report

“Forced labour and other rights abuses are widespread in Thailand’s fishing fleets despite government commitment to comprehensive reforms,” states Human Rights Watch in a news release. ‘The fear of murder at sea’ Prof. Melissa Marschke, of the University of Ottawa »

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A Christmas tree of joy, but tinged with sadness

“Tree” honours fishermen lost at sea. Christmas is usually considered to be a time of joy, and the traditional Christmas tree, a lovely symbol of that joy. In the lobster fishing communities on Canada’s east coast a tradition has begun »

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Update: More rough water for Bay of Fundy tidal energy project

For decades people have thought of how to harness the potential renewable power of the Bay of Fundy tides in Canada’s east coast. These are the highest tides in the world, and as such extremely powerful as they advance and »

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Giant turbine test gets go-ahead for Bay of Fundy

A provincial environment minister has approved a plan to install two giant turbines for tidal power research in the Bay of Fundy, off Canada’s east coast, reports Canadian Press (CP). The bay has the highest tides in the world with »