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Technology can help people get more active

Technology has lured Canadians into spending more time sitting in front of screens, but it can also offer great tools to help people become more active. There are wearables that can be used to set goals and measure activity, apps »

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Fitness expert suggests how to stick with it

It is common for Canadians to resolve to get fit at New Year’s, but many quit after the first month or two. Personal trainer and fitness expert David Kim-MacKinnon says it is difficult to stick with it and only half »

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Exercise so talking is difficult yields best results: study

Researchers have been puzzled by the fact that several people may do exactly the same exercise, yet some will become more fit, some will see no effect and others will actually become less fit. Two different ways of exercising were »

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Today’s kids are not ‘physically literate’

A new and extensive research study of thousands of Canadian children found that generally Canadian children are not doing well when it comes to “physical literacy”. More than just a measure of physical fitness, this is a Canadian-inspired concept which »


Fat people who are fit have the related health benefits: study

New research suggests that people who are obese or severely obese may be fit and, if they are, they have the same or possibly better health benefits from their fitness than do other people. Many studies link obesity with diabetes, »


Cross-country skiing promoted on Parliament Hill

Winter can be very long depending on where you live in Canada, but if you embrace it and engage in outdoor activities, it can be quite enjoyable. Many Canadians do not and spend the season grumbling and trying to escape »

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How to avoid New Year’s resolution fail and get fit

It has become cliché for Canadians to make ambitious New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit, and then break them shortly afterward. But there are ways to avoid that says Kathleen Trotter, a personal fitness trainer, columnist and »

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Children’s fitness test: international results

It’s called the “beep” test, and it’s a global standardized evaluation of children’s general fitness levels. A major new analysis of results of such tests has ranked childrens’s aerobic fitness in 50 countries. Justin Lang is the lead author of »

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How to get fit in 60 seconds: Canadian study

It’s called high-intensity interval training and it’s the latest fitness craze splashed all over fitness magazines, Youtube videos and trendy exercise apps. And now a new Canadian study confirms that short bursts of high-intensity exercise can be as effective as »

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Keeping strong, keeping muscle: Elderly world-class athletes- is it exercise or genetics or both?

As we age we start losing abilities. We lose brain cells for example, but also motor neural cells, meaning we start to lose muscle strength. A  new study shows however that ‘elite” athletes even into the 80’s manage to retain »