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BC township removes resident’s pride flag, entire neighbourhood displays rainbows in response

A woman in British Columbia is receiving a lot of support from her neighbourhood after her pride flag was mistakenly taken down by a city staff last week. Lisa Ebenal lives in the suburban streets of Aldergrove, a small town »

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Nazi flag destroyed: vandal or hero?

There is a universally despised symbol, that of the Nazi “hakenkreuz”  a twisted swastika, while in recent years the Confederate flag of the U.S has also fallen into disfavour over the segregation and history it represents. Thus, it was an »

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Gaelic licence plate in province of Alba Nuadh, Canada

Well if you’re a Gaelic speaker you’d recognise Alba Nuadh as, Nova Scotia. The province is creating a Gaelic licence plate available to motorists later this month for a $50 donation with proceeds going to the province’s Gaelic language and »

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Oops! Canada flag gaffe

Flag fail for government staff:  Snub by Prime Minister?  When national leaders or royalty visit any country, the red carpet is rolled out, and national flags aplenty are seen in honour of the guests, and on such occasions these high »

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National Flag Day: Celebrating Canada’s Maple Leaf flag

Today Canada celebrates its flag, the red and white Maple Leaf. It is also one of the youngest flags having been officially raised for the first time in a chilly ceremony in front of Canada’s Parliament, on February 15, 1965. »


Figure-skating darlings chosen as Olympic flag-bearers

Many Canadians love to watch figure skating and will be delighted to learn that the winners of multiple competitions, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, have been chosen to carry the flag at the opening of the Winter Olympics in South »

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Montreal refashions city emblems to honour Indigenous peoples

As Montreal celebrates the 375th anniversary of its founding, municipal authorities have presented changes to the city’s flag and its coat of arms to finally acknowledge and honour the contribution of Indigenous peoples whose presence on the island predates by »