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Survey: Canadians and Americans less willing to travel before COVID-19 vaccine

Many Canadians and Americans aren’t willing to travel and become tourists during the COVID-19 pandemic, before there is a vaccine according to a poll by Research Co., a Vancouver based polling firm. The survey found that less than a third »


Air Canada will retire dozens of aircraft because of COVID-19

Air Canada has greatly reduced flights and instituted new rules including temperature check before boarding., It also says it lost over $1billion in the first quarter this year. and will retire dozens of aircraft (Chris Helgren-Reuters). Read the article »

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Ottawa set to dispatch second plane to Wuhan ‘to bring every Canadian home’

A chartered plane with 194 Canadians on board has left the Chinese city of Wuhan and is expected to arrive at the Canadian Forces Base Trenton near Toronto Friday morning. after a short refuelling stop in Vancouver, officials announced Thursday. »

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More evidence of social media extremes?

It has since been revealed that the incident which caused a plane loaded with vacationers to turn back mid-flight was simply to create a hoped for viral video, a ‘prank’. A passenger holding his cellphone camera stood up and told »

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Airlines ratings: on time-or not, and dealing with complaints

In fact a new survey puts two major Canadian airlines near the top and well down on customer satisfaction. The European company, Claim Compass rates some 150 airlines around the world for customer satisfaction in terms of flight delays, and »


India-bound plane lands back in Toronto after assault on board

A 47-year-old Alberta man is facing several charges after allegedly assaulting a flight attendant and forcing the India-bound aircraft to turn back mid-flight and return to Toronto Wednesday morning. Jaskaran Sidhu, a resident of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, has been »