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Greenhouse gas: new record, more concern

The World Meterological Organisation’s latest bulletin  on greenhouse gasses shows a new record has been reached. The global average of CO2 is now 405.5 parts per million. The report notes that figure is now similar to the level of 3.5 million »

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New Brunswickers urged to remain patient as floodwaters recede

While water levels in the St. John River have fallen over the last two days, provincial authorities in New Brunswick are urging residents to remain patient. “A great number of New Brunswickers have been displaced for a long time and »

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‘Light at the end of the tunnel’: floodwater levels drop in New Brunswick

Water levels dropped significantly overnight in parts of southern New Brunswick, raising hopes in the flood-ravaged province that there is finally “light at the end of the tunnel,” emergency officials said Tuesday. “The river is going down, it is going »

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New Brunswick calls in Coast Guard to help deal with record floods

The government of New Brunswick has asked for assistance from the Canadian Coast Guard to help the province deal with the worst spring floods in over half a century, Premier Brian Gallant announced Thursday. “It is clear that due to »

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Spring floods threaten communities across Canada

From New Brunswick in the east, Quebec, the central province of Alberta, to west coast British Columbia, spring rain and melting winter snow have created huge swaths of flooding. In several cases, frozen river ice which has been broken up, »

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Day Zero for Cape Town water, what about Canada, and elsewhere?

Cape Town in South Africa is edging ever nearer to becoming the world’s first major city to run out of water, literally. This is due to an ongoing multi-year drought. Other areas around the world are also threatened with potential »

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Climate change causing severe weather events, says Insurance Bureau

An Insurance Bureau of Canada news release says “climate change is causing severe weather events, especially storms involving floods, to happen more frequently and with greater intensity.” It cites two significant storm and flooding events that occurred around the area »

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Lessons for all to learn from Hurricane Harvey

After a major hurricane struck the U.S. state of Texas in 2009, authorities proposed to build levees to protect the coast from the Texas-Louisiana border all the way down to Freeport. But work never started and if it does, it »

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Canada’s east coast: high winds, massive floods wreak havoc

It wasn’t hurricane Matthew, but it was however a low-pressure system  created by the hurricane and that was plenty. Though not the actual hurricane, the winds were nonetheless over 100km/h over the region in many areas and were accompanied by »

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Photographer Michelle Siu’s documentation of an Indigenous community displaced by man-made flood ‘Unnatural Disaster’

It wasn’t the first time residents of the Indigenous First Nation community near Lake St Martin were told to evacuate. Some thought it might be overnight, or a few days. Three years later residents have still not been able to »