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COVID-19: Canadian regions prepare for spring floods, but with fewer volunteers

It’s an annual battle in some areas across Canada. As warmer weather melts the winter snowpack combined with spring rains, flooding can be either a little problem or a major disaster in many regions of Canada.. When it becomes a »


Ruptured water main pipe floods Montreal Metro station

Service on a central stretch of Montreal’s busiest Metro line resumed Thursday afternoon after an early morning water main pipe rupture flooded one of downtown stations, forcing a partial shutdown of the Orange Line. Tens of thousands of commuters were »

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Forecast calls for continued high water in Great Lakes

Water levels in the Great Lakes are likely to remain unusually high and may set additional records in 2020, resulting in more coastal erosion and flooding, according to a new forecast released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A »

Strong wind gusts snapped tree branches and downed power lines in Montreal


Strong winds cause massive power outages in Quebec

More than 960,000 customers in southern Quebec were without power Friday as strong winds snapped tree branches and brought down power lines, according to the provincial electrical utility. Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for much of southwestern Quebec »

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Heavy rain, flooding may further hamper salmon returns

 After heavy rains, a flood warning has been issued for the Chilcotin River in the western province of British Columbia. About 90 mm of rain fell in four days leaving riverbanks unstable and a thunderstorm was predicted to drop more »

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Canada’s southernmost community slowly washing away

The small community on Pelee Island in the middle of Lake Erie, is home to a variety of wildlife, homes, and cottages. It’s under threat of slow erosion. In 1972, a storm that swept across the lake, washed away five »


Record high water levels expected on Great Lakes

As if the floods that have hit eastern Canadian provinces were not bad enough, there is a new forecast that record high water levels are expected on several of the Great Lakes over the next six months. These massive, deep »


Pupil’s song inspires Quebec premier to rebuild flooded school

A municipality in Quebec’s Beauce region will be getting a new elementary school after a student’s song about its sorry state drew the attention of the province’s Premier Francois Legault. Legault said today the 84-year-old l’Accueil school in the town »


Government gives Red Cross $2.5 million for flood relief

The Canadian government announced it will provide a grant of $2.5 million to the Canadian Red Cross to support flood recovery efforts in eastern Canada. This is in addition to one million dollars that will be given to the Red »

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Flood victims get health warning

The Canadian government’s health department is warning people whose homes have been flooded to beware of mould. Anything that cannot be dried within 48 hours must be thrown out and that includes cushions, carpets, drywall, mattresses, stuffed toys, insulation and »