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How to mitigate the effects of flood damage from climate change

Report says “keep the wetlands”. Counterpoint response to the IBC study- RCI: Nov 19/18 (Both this article and the subsequent “Counterpoint” have been modified as a result of complaints by Robert Muir (P Eng) to the Radio-Canada Ombudsman regarding inaccuracies» 

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Hurricanes, floods: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet,’says insurance expert

Canadians need to learn from the hurricane and the floods devastating North and South Carolina, says Glenn McGillivray, managing director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. This is an independent body created by Canada’s insurance industry to reduce the» 

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World’s fresh water supply rapidly changing, overwhelms scientist

Data collected by satellites over 14 years shows the global water landscape is transforming rapidly, with dry areas becoming drier and wet ones, wetter. The study by NASA suggests this is due in large part to human activity and climate» 


Ottawa deploys troops to help with flood relief in B.C.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have deployed 300 troops to support the government of British Columbia in its flood relief efforts as the province braces for a second wave of record-breaking floods, officials at National Defence said Thursday. The majority» 


First, there were record floods in the east, now record floods in the west

(public commenting open on all RCI stories, scroll to very bottom to submit and read other comments) Even as  historically record flooding begins to slowly recede in the east coast province of New Brunswick, massive flooding is occurring in British» 

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Canadian engineer proposes better flood damage prevention

Reports are coming in from locations across Canada about rising spring water levels. Every year hundreds if not thousands of homes and buildings are damaged by flood waters. To cause extensive damage, floods only need to be high enough to» 


Flooding concern continues in Canada

Deadly floods 2017: four dead. The heavy rains this year across much of Canada have already proven deadly. In west coast British Columbia a man is believed to have been swept away by a fast flowing river, while a mudslide» 

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‘Climate…gives us much cause for alarm’: UN

The U.N. weather agency notes that the world temperature records were broken again in May 2016, accompanied by flooding in Europe and the southern U.S., early Arctic sea ice melting and severe bleaching of coral reefs around the world. Using» 

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Strong El Nino may bring ice storms

Eastern Canadians may be disheartened to learn that a very strong El Nino cycle may bring a warmer winter, and could also set the stage for nasty ice storms like that of 1998. The cycle is driven by warm water» 

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The LINK online (Sat July 12, 2014)

Your hosts once again for this edition are Lynn Desjardins and Marc Montgomery On this edition Lynn starts us off. An aerial view of the unusual flooding in Canada’s western province of Saskatchewan on July 6, 2014 is shown in»