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Inuit leader wants more input in changes to federal nutritional subsidy program

Canada’s national Inuit organization says it wants to have a say in how the federal government changes a key nutritional support program designed to tackle the high cost of food for people living in isolated northern communities. The federal government »

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NGOs warn of ‘catastrophic’ famine in Yemen

As delegates from Yemen’s warring parties meet in Sweden for talks to find a solution to the conflict that has ravaged the country for nearly four years, international NGOs are sounding the alarm over a catastrophic famine facing almost a »


Food insecurity increases in Toronto: report

Despite growing prosperity in Canada’s largest city, total visits to food banks have increased by 14 per cent over the last decade, according to a new report. The annual Who’s Hungry report was released by the Daily Bread Food Bank »


Canada provides $19.8M to fight hunger in sub-Saharan Africa

The federal government announced $19.8 million in new funding Thursday to help millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa ravaged by severe drought and conflict deal with “extreme levels of food insecurity.” Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations Marc-André Blanchard said »

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Humanitarian think-tank warns of 17 crises to watch in 2018

A newly released analysis by a humanitarian think-tank is warning international aid agencies to brace for an even busier year in 2018 as ongoing humanitarian crises are expected to worsen in many parts of the globe. Continuing food insecurity, massive »

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Guaranteed income is a solution to food insecurity: report

A new report suggests that a good way to address the problem of food insecurity in Canada is to provide a guaranteed basic income to those in need. It’s estimated one in eight households in Canada’s richest province of Ontario »

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Food insecurity at 36.7% in Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut

Canada’s northern territory of Nunavut, home of the country’s Indigenous Inuit people, has a rate of food insecurity of 36.7 per cent according to the government data gathering agency Statistics Canada. In a report released Wednesday (March 25) the agency »