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Theodore (Too) Tugboat is for sale

One of the most popular international childrens shows was that of the Canadian production of Theodore tugboat. A CBC production, it was set in Halifax harbour in Nova Scotia (called Big Harbour in the show) and form 1993 to 2001 »

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Hockey history (land and pond) for sale

Birthplace of hockey can be yours for C$1.38 million Canada is of course, hockey mad.  It’s been that way since, well, before Canada was a country, and it is all believed to have started on a large pond near Windsor »

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Psst.. wanna buy a jail? Only $1.

Well, it’s true. The old Windsor Ontario jail is for sale, and the price is just $1. Not only do you get the jail, but the administration building and a parking lot. If you’re interested you have until November 23 »

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Hockey legend’s mansion up for sale

Former star hockey player and now team owner, Mario Lemieux, is selling his castle 145 km northwest of Montreal for just under $22 million. It is not the most expensive house on the Canadian market now, but it’s right up »