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Security Council urges states to beef up measures against returning foreign fighters

The United Nations Security Council is calling on member states to counter the threat posed by thousands of foreign terrorist fighters returning home after the defeat of so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq by beefing up border controls, criminal »

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Returning jihadis: to kill or re-integrate?

Daesh, or the “Islamic State” is crumbling. (comments open-to post or read comments, scroll to bottom of page) Several countries involved in the fight against Daesh have said it would be better if their citizens who had joined the terrorist »

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Foreigners with Daesh: best to kill or reintegrate?

(posting comments open : to post or read comments-scroll to very bottom of page) As Daesh (ISIS) collapses, the risk- and fear- is that hundreds of radicalized foreign fighters will return to their home countries. Several Coalition countries have announced »

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Canadian security agencies track Canadian “foreign fighters” returning home

It’s believed  the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)  is tracking up to 80 Canadians it suspects of having travelled abroad to engage in terrorist activities. CSIS  says some engaged in paramilitary activities, while others attended extremist Islamic schools, others may »