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American interference in Canada’s election?

Huge Twitter storm after Obama tweet With the huge scandal in American politics about potential foreign influence in their presidential election comes a whiff of interference in Canada’s federal election, and from an unusual source, Earlier this year it was» 

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Claims of foreign interference in upcoming election

Former Canadian ambassador to China meddling? In light of accusations that there was foreign influence in the last U.S. election, Canada’s Liberal government for the past several months has been warning of potential meddling in this country’s general election coming» 

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Excessive house prices Canada: Who’s to blame?

Fingers pointed at foreign investment, but is it justifiable? The skyrocketing house prices in Canada, especially in two major cities, have been hot topics of discussion in Canada, and indeed in business and real estate circles around the world. The» 

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Fast track for foreign skilled workers starts today

A Canadian government pilot program going into effect today will greatly speed up the process for bringing in highly-skilled foreign workers. Called the Global Talent Stream, the program seeks to help innovative firms attract top talent particularly in the technology» 


Housing sales soar in Toronto, drop in Vancouver

Housing sales jumped in Toronto in September while at the same time they decreased in Vancouver, leading to speculation that some foreign buyers may have shifted their focus from one city to the other. The number of sales in the» 

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Canada set to re-engage on world stage

Canada’s next prime minister has vowed to resurrect the country’s active role in world affairs.  “Canada, in a sense, left the field,” says Colin Robertson, a former diplomat and vice-president of Canadian Global Affairs Institute. Under nine years of Conservative» 

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Some foreign students allege exploitation at work

Some international students say they are working for less that the legal minimum wage and face other unfair working conditions in the eastern city of Halifax. Like other provinces, Nova Scotia has a law regulating labour standards. CBC News has»