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Autumn colours tours in Canada

Canadian forests tend to be a blaze of colour at this time of year as the green leaves of deciduous trees turn to bright reds, orange, and yellows. The chlorophyll which keeps the leaves green and masks the other colours, »

The fire known as the Chuckegg Creek fire is seen from the air in a Government of Alberta handout photo taken near the town of High Level, Alta., Sun. May 19. (Gov't of Alberta-via Canadian Press)

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Wildfires already raging in Alberta

The northern half of Canada’s  western prairie province of Alberta is experiencing a number of major forest fires. Evacuation alerts have been issued for towns in the province where fire is threatening. There has been almost no rain in the »

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Ontario environment report: Raw sewage, forest and wetland loss

A new report says untreated sewage is still flowing into the waterways of Canada’s second largest and most populated province. The Ontario Environmental Commissioner’s latests report indicated that raw sewage overflowed into the provinces waterways on over 1,300 occasions. 766 »

Trees up to 1,000 years old being felled by logging companies in spite of rules against it

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The fall of giants: irreplaceable trees logged

(public commenting open on all RCI stories-scroll to bottom) These are some of the biggest, oldest living creatures that have ever existed in Earth’s history. It’s ethically wrong, it’s ecologically destructive”, Ken Wu, executive director, Ancient Forest Alliance After decades »

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End of the line for Quebec caribou herd

Species at Risk Act contested by Alberta The threats to Canada’s caribou herds have been widely talked about for years. Various efforts to save such herds have been discussed and implemented in many cases, but sporadically it seems. Most of »

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A new way to predict forest wildfires developed

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have come up with a new way to predict when and where fires caused by humans are most likely to occur in the spring. Between the time that the snow melts and plants »

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The “dry” tropical forests are dying.

A scientist based at the University of Alberta will be travelling to the major international climate summit in Morocco for COP-22. Arturo Sanchez research is focussed on the little studied area of the world’s “dry” tropical forests and their role »

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Forest with rare species and animals preserved near Toronto

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has acquired two biologically-rich parcels of land just north of Toronto which will be a boon to nature lovers and hikers. Parts of the Happy Valley Forest have been opened to hikers and the trails »

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Climate change doubles western U.S. forests burned: study

A new study suggests that human-caused climate change has doubled the amount of U.S. land burned by forest fires since 1984. The study’s lead author says climate change knows no borders and conditions are similar in Canada. A massive fire »

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Can trees adapt to climate change? Perhaps not easily

Some suprising new research shows trees in the same environment have developed shared genes, though they are different species. What researchers have long thought is that genetic solutions to deal with climate change would be complex, involving genetic differences and »