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‘Logging scars’ point to Canada’s deforestation problem: report

Ontario loses about 21,700 hectares of forests – the equivalent of about 40,000 football fields – every year due to logging roads and landings that scar the province’s boreal forests, according to a report by a Canadian conservation group released »

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Duties imposed on Canadian newsprint by U.S. called unfair

In its latest attack on free trade with Canada, the United States has slapped anti-dumping duties on Canadian newsprint producers averaging over 22 per cent. This is on top of an average 6.53 per cent in countervailing duties levied in »

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Alberta’s native ecosystems: status report- ecosystems losing ground

A new report says the western prairie province of Alberta has lost a significant amount of its native ecosystems between 1999 and 2015. The report says  during that time human activity converted some 23,000 square kilometres of native ecosystems into either »

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Alberta government approves controversial clear cut of forest

In a highly controversial move the government in Alberta has given a green light to a forestry company to clear cut a forest in the Kananaskis area of the province. The region, southwest of the urban centre of Calgary, will »

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How warming climate will change a unique forest type

Canada’s eastern maritime provinces, notably New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince-Edward Island, and into Quebec’s Gaspe peninsula, are home to a unique forest type. A new federal study says climate change in the Maritimes may lead to a gradual reduction in »

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Can trees adapt to climate change? Perhaps not easily

Some suprising new research shows trees in the same environment have developed shared genes, though they are different species. What researchers have long thought is that genetic solutions to deal with climate change would be complex, involving genetic differences and »

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Mayor of a Quebec town rails against “intellectuals and environmentalists”

The mainly French-speaking province of Quebec is once again making world news. But perhaps not in the way the province would like Jean Tremblay, the mayor of the city of Saguenay posted a video message on YouTube yesterday (Tuesday) in »

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New Brunsick forestry plan: pleases industry, angers enviromentalists

The provincial government in Canada’s eastern maritime province of New Brunswick has issued a new and controversial forestry plan. Premier David Alward and Natural Resources Minister Paul Robichaud, unveiled the long-awaited strategy which increases the amount of Crown-owned land available »

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Scientists report on effects of climate change in New Brunswick

A warming climate will change the forests and ecosystems of New Brunswick. This comes from a recent report from the University of New Brunswick lead Tom Beckley, professor of forestry and environmental management.  Professor Beckley said studies of climate change »