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What is Canada doing to protect the environment? Read RCI’s reports

Is Canada doing enough to protect the environment? Read RCI’s recent reports on environmental protection, climate change and decisions of the Canadian political and justice systems on these issues. Extinction rebellion action in Canada: measured success By Lynn Desjardins, Friday 11 »

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U.S use of toilet paper wiping out Canada’s forests

It seems “cleanliness” comes at a substantial hidden cost. Concerns are being raised once again in the latest report on consumption of  toilet paper and other tissue and the harm done to forests. The relatively inexpensive product we all use is »

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Over 40,600 acres of forest protected

Various groups and public agencies celebrated National Forest Week from September 18 to 24 to raise awareness about Canada’s forest heritage and its value. The Nature Conservancy of Canada used the occasion to announce 25 projects to acquire and protect »

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What tree rings tell us about climate in the Arctic

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from across the North Tree rings in the Arctic hold important information about the northern environment. But the so called ‘divergence problem,’ that is the difference between temperatures measured by thermometers and »

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Like a medical doctor, ecology prof explores earth’s health via video clips

Dr  Catherine Potvin is an ecology professor at Canada’s McGill University who’s taking her climate-change lessons out of the classroom and onto publicly accessible videos. As director of McGill’s Neotropical Ecology Laboratory she has been studying the forests of Panama »

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New concerns about climate change and the boreal forest

A new study has suggested that Canada’s (and all) boreal forests are more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought. Ecologists at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario say that previous models were based on studies of older forests and »