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An anti-curfew demonstration turned violent in Montreal Sunday night

The damage is being assessed today in Montreal after a peaceful demonstration turned violent Sunday night as hundreds of protesters set fires and smashed windows in the Vieux-Montréal section of the city. They were reacting to a curfew change–announced last »

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More restrictions are announced as COVID refuses to let up

As COVID caseloads rise and more transmissible variants continue to spread across Canada, people in three provinces–Ontario, Quebec and Alberta–are facing increased public-health restrictions to combat the virus’s third wave. Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced this afternoon he was imposing »

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Trudeau and Legault announce plan to bring more high speed internet to Quebec

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier François Legault have announced plans to deliver high speed internet to 150,000 households in the province by September of next year–at a cost of $826.3 million.  The new funding–which will be split by »

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Trudeau: Canada and U.S. border to open eventually, AstraZeneca vaccine is safe

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that everyone is going to have to wait patiently until the health situation allows Canada to loosen border restrictions internationally. In a news conference in Montreal on Monday, Trudeau said there are ongoing discussions with »

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Demonstrators–once again–take to Montreal’s streets to protest COVID measures

Thousands of people protesting provincial anti-COVID-19 measures rallied in the streets of Montreal on Saturday throwing much of the downtown area–already pockmarked with detours, their ubiquitous orange signs and gaping construction holes–into a state of low-key chaos on a sunny »


Premiers across Canada call on federal government to increase health funding

Premiers from across Canada have once again called on the federal government to increase health care funding to the provinces and territories by $28 billion. In a joint press conference on Thursday, Quebec Premier François Legault, British Columbia Premier John »


Quebec Premier François Legault calls out “radical activists” in Facebook post

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Quebec Premier François Legault went after what he called “radical activists” who he said are trying to censor certain words and works. In the post, Legault called the freedom of expression a pillar of »

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A Montreal man wrongly arrested is exonerated after spending six days in jail

A PhD student from Guinea who lives and works in Montreal escaped a legal noose that was on the verge of strangling him, his family and his friends for over a week last Friday–ever since he was in the wrong »

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Quebec won’t fight ruling that exempts homeless from the provincial curfew

The Quebec government says it will not challenge a temporary court order granted Tuesday that exempts homeless persons from a province-wide curfew imposed earlier this month to try to limit the spread of COVID-19. Junior Health Minister Lionel Carmant made »

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The pandemic: a homeless man freezes to death as politicans broach a travel ban

As people in Montreal try to process the death of a homeless man who froze to death last Sunday, Canada appears to be inching closer and closer to banning all but non-essential travel in and out of the country–a ban »