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Quebec mandating masks in enclosed public spaces starting this weekend

Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced today that masks and face coverings will be mandatory in all indoor public spaces throughout the province starting this Saturday, July 18.  The regulation will apply to places including grocery stores, malls, and restaurants whenever »

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Canada extends isolation rules for travellers

The federal government is extending strict quarantine rules requiring travellers to isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in Canada for at least another month. The order, which was set to expire tonight, “has been extended until July 31 for »

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Quebec’s premier announces plan to target racism

Quebec Premier Premier François Legault says he is setting up a group to look at ways to target racism in Quebec–despite his much-repeated view that there is no systemic racism in the province. His announcement came Monday, just hours after »

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Ontario and Quebec continue to seek a way out of their COVID-19 crises

Ontario and Quebec — where the vast majority of the over 7,000 people in Canada who have died from COVID-19 have come to rest — continue to try to find ways to do battle with the virus. On Tuesday, Ontario »

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Montreal suburb says it has scored a first in the COVID-19 fight

A leafy Montreal suburb has become the first jurisdiction in Canada making it mandatory for anyone entering a business or city-owned building to wear a mask, according to its mayor, who says it’s a policy that works very well in »

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Quebec still looking for answers to its long-term care COVID crisis

Premier François Legault says he will launch a massive recruitment campaign to bring at least 10,000 orderlies into Quebec’s beleaguered long-term health care system that has seen thousands of seniors die from the COVID-19 virus. He also wants the Canadian »

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Legault hints at opening the front door to asylum seekers

The premier of Quebec appears to be walking back comments he made last week that seemed to slam the door on allowing asylum seekers working on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis to stay in the province by applying »

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COVID-19: Home delivery of wine and spirits arrives in Quebec

Now, I will confess this is totally anecdotal, but I am prepared to share something many of you may already know…or not. A very large number of people in the province of Quebec love a good glass of wine. Pretty »

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Quebec health-care workers are getting a pay raise

Health-care workers in Quebec–including thousands working at the bottom end of the wage scale in long-term care homes–are getting temporary pay raises. The hikes will go to workers in both the private and public sectors. Front-line workers–such as emergency-room professionals »

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COVID-19 is not letting up its attacks on homes for the elderly

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is preying on seniors around the world and Canada is no exception. “My big worry at this time is about seniors’ residences,” Quebec Premier François Legault told reporters Wednesday at his daily pandemic briefing.  »