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Francophone Games: Quebec bales out too

Canada is a federally bilingual, English and French country, with New Brunswick the only officially bilingual province. Quebec’s official language is French. All have been big supporters and participants in the Jeux de la Francophonie, a major international sports event, »

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March 20 International Francophonie Day

It was on this day back in 1970 that Canada joined with 19 other states or governments in signing a pact to promote cultural and technological exchanges among French speaking countries. The agreement signed in Niamey Niger created an agency »

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Another major sports event host backs out

The officially bilingual province of New Brunswick has backed out of hosting the international Francophone games. Known as the “Jeux de la Francophonie” the combined cities of Moncton-Dieppe had planned to host the games in 2021, but now say the »

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Canada’s Michaelle Jean loses bid to head “La Francophonie”

Officially it’s the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, or more simply “la Francophonie”. It represents some 58 nations and governments as members with several more as observers Canada’s Michaelle Jean, as Secretary-General since 2014 had been seeking a second term »

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Canada backs down on continued leadership of “La Francophonie”

It’s been a somewhat contentious period for Michaelle Jean as the head of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. The former Canadian Governor-General has been criticised by certain media outlets for lavish or what might be considered somewhat improper spending »

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Canadian Head of “La Francophonie” criticised, may be headed for the door

Second term for Canadian in doubt Michaelle Jean has had a highly successful career, Born in Haiti, she came to Canada as a refugee, eventually to become a well-known broadcaster on Radio-Canada, the French arm of Canada’s public broadcasting network. »

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UN and others warn of political tensions in Congo

The United Nations, the African Union, the EU and French-speaking nations including Canada have issued a rare statement about political tensions ahead of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There have been protests and violence over fears that President »