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Time is of the essence as Fraser River slide blocks spawning salmon

Time is critical to find a solution to a massive obstruction in British Columbia’s Fraser River as 90,000 salmon wait downstream and an estimated two million more sockeye are about to arrive, federal Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said Tuesday. The» 


Canada moves to save Pacific Chinook salmon

The federal government is planning to severely limit both the commercial and recreational fishery of Pacific Chinook salmon in British Columbia’s Fraser River basin to save the endangered species from extinction, Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced Tuesday. Recent assessments by» 

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Feds issue warning to owners of Fraser River islands

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans is going after the owners of islands located in the Fraser River for what environmentalists have long said are actions that threaten the survival of salmon, steelhead and endangered white sturgeon in the region.» 

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Canadian study changes knowledge of canyon rivers

Water flows down through a canyon, but new information from a Canadian study now changes just about everything that was thought about the dynamics of that flow. River flow through bedrock canyons is also climate-related, connected to mountain uplift, along»