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Salmon will be flown by helicopter after landslide blocked river

Since late June, tens of thousands of migratory salmon have been trapped behind a rock slide on the Fraser River in remote British Columbia. To help them continue their journey, Canadian authorities announced that they would fly them over the» 

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Health authority warns of Halloween overdose risk

With many Halloween parties coming up this weekend, a western health authority is warning people to take precautions if they plan to take drugs. If they won’t consume themselves, people are advised to look out for friends and family who» 

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Increase farm yields, reduce environmental impact: Food from Thought Initiative

The federal government is injecting substantial money into research intended to spur development of new technologies in farm practices. The basic idea is to achieve greater yields from crops and farmed animals while at the same time reducing the environmental» 

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Canada ranks sixth on freedom index

On an index using 76 indicators of personal, civil and economic freedoms, Canada ranks sixth out of 152 countries. Noting an overall decline of freedom around the world, the index is called Discarding Democracy: A Return to the Iron Fist.»