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Police-reported crimes rose in 2018, but homicides decreased, report

The annual report from Statistics Canada on police-reported crime in 2018 came out today and it shows an increase for the fourth consecutive year, but other crimes are, on the contrary, on the decline. Police-reported crime is measured by both» 

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SNC-Lavalin opts for judge-only trial in corruption case

The Canadian construction and engineering giant at the centre of a political scandal that shook the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year will seek a trial by judge alone in a corruption case related to its» 

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University of Calgary journal targeted by serial ‘hijacker’ of scientific publications

A University of Calgary journal is the among the targets of a serial “hijacker” who has created fake versions of dozens of scientific publications over the last several years in an effort to scam money from researchers, according to an expert» 

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March is Fraud Prevention Month

Many millions of dollars annually scammed from Canadians Scams and frauds are seemingly more prevalent than ever. This is probably due in no small part to the ease and speed of communication domestically and internationally through our phone and internet» 

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Seafood mislabelled along supply chains, say researchers

A new study confirms that Canada has a problem with the mislabelling of seafood, but also that the problem exists throughout the supply chain. Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario collected 203 samples from multiple points and found» 


Toronto police warn taxi riders against fraud

Police in the Greater Toronto Area say fraud and identity theft scams have bilked hundreds of taxi users millions of dollars. While six people have been arrested police warn the taxi fare scam is ongoing and that people should not» 

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Birth tourism: maybe it is a bigger problem after all

Canada is among a relatively small number of countries, mostly in the western hemisphere that allows automatic citizenship to anyone born here. What has been happening increasingly is that women from abroad are coming to Canada to have their “Canadian”» 


Phone scammers pretend to be national police

Of the myriad phone scams that plague Canadians, the latest involves fraudsters who pretend to be police officers with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). They use a system to disguise their telephone numbers so that they appear to be» 


University recoups millions lost in phishing attack

MacEwan University in western Canada has recovered $10.9 million or over 92 per cent of the money it lost in a recent cyberattack committed through email. On August 23, 2017, a series of fraudulent emails convinced university staff to change» 


Auto repair fraud revealed by hidden cameras

A major insurance company estimates auto insurance fraud is costing Canadians more than $2 billion every year. Aviva Canada says its investigation “highlights the urgent need to reform the auto insurance system.” The cost to insure a car ranges dramatically»