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The sports-Remembrance Day poppy controversy continues: Don Cherry

Fired amid accusations of racism, a rally and online petition of support underway It began with a television rant that appeared to target immigrants to Canada. Longtime hockey coach and commentator Don Cherry has been a feature on the much »


Scuffles broke out at Maxime Bernier event in Hamilton

A protest outside an event by People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier in Hamilton, Ontario, turned violent Sunday evening as demonstrators attempted to block supporters of the newly created right-wing party from attending a panel discussion with American YouTuber and political »

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The “right to be forgotten online”: Canadians say yes

The right to privacy vs. the right to free speech access to information A new poll shows a slim majority of Canadians agree with the concept known as the “right to be forgotten online”.  This means the right to have »

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Embarrassed, Canadian university apology comes after public exposure

(to post or read comments, scroll to very bottom of story) Ontario university widely condemned by national and international media Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, (WLU) has apologized to a teaching assistant over their handling of a complaint against »

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Canadian university embroiled in free speech controversy

(public commenting open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom of page for submission form) On its website page on Values, Vision, and Mission, Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, prides itself on a commitment to several aspects of critical »


Free speech on Canadian campuses: failing grades

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF.ca) is a non-profit constitutional and democracy advocacy group. They have just released their 2017 Campus Freedom Index grading some 60 Canadian universities on the status of free speech on campuses. It shows campuses »


The new university “chill” tactic on free speech

It seems the once open attitude on university campuses where a variety of controversial opinions could be discussed and debated, is changing. When student unions invite controversial speakers, universities have begun imposing hefty “security” fees on them. If students can’t »

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Anti-Islamophobia vote: Canadians differ from government

It has been divisive ever since a Member of Parliament introduced her motion late last year. The government votes today on a motion to condemn racism and Islamophobia. Because of the Liberal Party majority, it is expected to pass. But »

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Free speech or Islamophobia- Clashes in cities across Canada

It’s all because of a non-binding motion in Canada’s Parliament. The motion proposed by a Muslim member of the Liberal government seeks to condemn racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. Opponents fear the potential for limits on free speech. The federal opposition »

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Embattled Canadian professor asked to join University of Glasgow

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is a highly respected educator and was completely uncontroversial,  until recently. That’s when LBGTQ groups began a concerted campaign against him for his decision not to use made-up pronouns they chose to describe themselves. »