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Liberals herald revamped trade deal with U.S. and Mexico

The Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heralded the revamped trade pact between Canada, the United States, and Mexico as an agreement that would be “good for Canadian workers, good for Canadian business and good for Canadian families” when» 

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Tentative tri-lateral trade deal reached, but dairy farmers unhappy

Trade deal still needs approval from the three government’s national parliaments It’s been called NAFTA 2.0 , the North American Free Trade Agreement, with Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. While Mexico and the U.S. had reached a tentative deal, Canada» 

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Expert says NAFTA trade deal means Canada can’t limit emissions

The trade talks continue with senior members of the Canadian, American, and Mexican governments to work out details on renewal of the North American Trade Agreement. It’s being called “NAFTA 2.0 For People or Polluters?” The international trade talks now» 

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Trade deal collapse would cut growth, jobs in Canada

If U.S. President Donald Trump follows up on his threats to terminate the free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico (NAFTA), that would kill about 85,000 jobs in Canada and about half a percentage point of growth in» 

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Justin Trudeau leaves China without securing start of free trade talks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau departed China on Thursday without securing the start of free trade talks with the world’s second-largest economy, but said he made substantial progress during his four-day visit. Speaking to reporters before his return to Canada, the» 

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Trudeau leaves international trade minister in Beijing to continue talks

Just a day after Canada and China failed to agree to begin the much anticipated free trade talks there is new hope that the two countries will indeed begin formal negotiations soon. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau capped the first leg» 

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Canada, China delay launch of free trade talks

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Chinese counterpart appeared unable to bridge their differences Monday to announce the launch of much anticipated formal free trade talks despite a “candid and in-depth exchange” of views during a longer than scheduled meeting» 

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Beware risks of business with China: former ambassador

A former Canadian ambassador to China says the Canadian government is not doing a good enough job of warning people of the risks of doing business in China. Chinese authorities have imprisoned Canadian wine producer John Chang for over 20» 

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General Motors workers on strike over jobs- NAFTA blamed

Almost 3,000 workers at a GM manufacturing plant in Ontario walked off the job on Sunday over concerns about the future of their jobs. Even as trade talks continue among Canada, the U.S, and Mexico regarding the North American Free» 

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TPP free trade: opposition from Canadians?

TPP talks continue this week in Australia As the Canadian government continued it’s process of free trade talks known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it had embarked on a public consultation process.   Part of that involved an ability for citizens»