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Nova Scotia becomes 2nd province to offer free menstrual products in schools

Nova Scotia public schools will now offer free menstrual products to all their students, joining a growing list of places that have already adopted the idea. The province’s 367 schools that host students from grades four to twelve are now» 


Butterflies to fly free in Montreal greenhouse

Winter is very long in Montreal and by March, many people are longing for an end to it. So, it is a good time for them to be invited to the city’s warm Botanical Garden greenhouses to experience live butterflies» 

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Inundated by plastic waste: companies named

Plastic garbage is everywhere. You probably heard of the giant “Pacific gyre” a massive accumulation of plastic waste in the ocean. Microplastic waste with its still as yet not fully understood negative implications can be found in every water body» 

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Whale entanglements, some good news, and some possible good news

After the shock of finding several dead endangered North Atlantic right whales this summer, some possible good news. Some 13 endangered North Atlantic right whales have been found dead this summer, ten in the Gulf of St Lawrence, suspected to» 


Quebec province to provide abortion pill for free

The abortion pill Mifegymiso was slow in coming to Canada, but will be free of cost to women in the province of Quebec late this year. The two-drug combination also known as RU-486 has been approved in Canada to terminate» 


Children’s Book Bank celebrates Canadian books

This year Canada marks 150 years as a country and to celebrate the Children’s Book Bank takes a virtual road trip across the nation. The book bank is based in the city of Toronto and, as it says, it is» 


Free hugs? Not in Montreal

Tommy Boucher of Montreal wants to make the world a friendlier place.  He has been offering free hugs to anyone and everyone. He got the idea from someone else giving free hugs about a year ago when he himself was» 

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Herd of bison roaming free

Police are warning people to be on the lookout for a herd of as many as 100 bison roaming free near Tisdale, a town in the western province of Saskatchewan. Bison are shaggy, horned animals and, at an average 725»