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Hate speech or freedom of expression? (interview)

Even as Canada’s Prime Minister is in Paris to join the Christchurch Call to curb the spread of violent and extremist behaviour, a government committee in Ottawa is studying hate speech in Canada. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and »

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Press Freedom Day: Who is scrutinizing on your behalf?

Threats aplenty If you understand that democracy depends on a free press, then you are concerned about the many threats to journalism in areas of conflict and in the free world, too. Today is World Press Freedom Day, a day »

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Scientists are free to speak, repeats government

A recent poll showed that more than half of Canadian scientists employed by the federal government still feel they cannot openly discuss their work. Scientists were muzzled by the previous Conservative government, but when the Liberals were elected in 2015, »

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Sending the truth to North Korea, a tiny flash-drive at a time

A group of Canadian university students is helping to break through the tight grip of the North Korean regime, in order to get information to the people.  What they’re using is a little bit of technology, containing a lot of »

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Journalists rally to demand protection for press freedom

People gathered in communities across Canada on Feb. 25, 2017 asking the government to take action to protect freedom of the press. ‘Serious scandals…press freedom violations’ “The day of action was brought together in response to a really serious series »

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‘Dark age’ drops Canada’s press freedom ranking

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day and Canada fell 10 places to 18th on a new list compiled by Reporters Without Borders. A report from this global press watchdog describes the tenure of Canada’s former Prime Minister Stephen Harper »


Judge reaffirms right to protest in the street

A judge has ruled that police cannot use an article in a highway safety code in the province of Quebec to stop protests because that would violate citizens’ rights under the constitution. The ruling acquits a protester who was fined »


Police official guilty of misconduct in G20 demo

A retired judge has found that Toronto police Supt. David (Mark) Fenton “demonstrated a lack of understanding of the right to protest” when he ordered mass arrests during the G20 Summit in June 2010. A disciplinary hearing under the Police »

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Canada ranks sixth on freedom index

On an index using 76 indicators of personal, civil and economic freedoms, Canada ranks sixth out of 152 countries. Noting an overall decline of freedom around the world, the index is called Discarding Democracy: A Return to the Iron Fist. »