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Aircraft “clean” fuel produced in Montreal

A group of Quebec companies hopes to commercialise a sustainable fuel by 2024 to replace some of the kerosene used in civil aviation. The SAF+ Consortium project aims to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by major industries and transform it »

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Record fuel prices, but Canadians still buying

Gasoline prices across Canada are reaching record prices, but surprisingly this has not greatly affected sales. Across the country prices range from a low of around $1.30 per litre to highs of around $1.60 and higher, which are record prices »

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The last gas station…going, going…

The major west coast port city of Vancouver, is a busy, bustling, high-rise, urban and commercial centre.  But the centre of that centre is soon to be without any place for motorists to fill their gas tanks. No gas stations »

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Helping communities turn human waste into fuel

Human waste can cause misery and poverty but it can also generate fuel, and a project partly funded by Canada is developing the technology to do that on a small scale. A report from the UN University’s Institute for Water, »

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Studying the costs of “green” proposals

A vast majority of Canadians would like to see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental groups have proposed several actions and policies to achieve this. Germain Belzile is a professor at École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (HEC). »