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Potentially huge breakthrough in treating infections

Canadian researchers have made what holds promise as an enormous advance in fighting infections. Teams in Toronto (Sick Kids Hospital/U of T)  and Montreal combined their skills to develop a way to break through microbial defences, their “biofilm” which has» 

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Leader gets extension on canola trade with China

China had threatened to change the rules on canola imports from Canada on September 1, but while on a state visit to China, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the current rules have been extended pending further negotiations. Canola generates» 

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Canadian breakthrough against a deadly fungus

Most of the time when we hear about sickness, we think of bacterial infections, but moulds, or fungi can also be killers.  There are  about 1.5 million species of fungus, some of which are deadly, and some which can become» 

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Canadian research advances fight against deadly fungal infections

Newly developed Canadian research could soon help physicians combat dangerous fungal infections.  It also can identify the likely path of resistance mutations a fungus will develop in response to a drug and so aid in development of new drugs to»