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The LINK with (L-R) Marie-Claude, Terry, Lynn, and Marc

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The LINK Online April 19, 20, 21, 2019

Your hosts, Terry, Marie-Claude, Lynn, and Marc (video of show at bottom) Court case launched against “smart city” over privacy A project by the American firm Sidewalk Labs to turn a large section of downtown Toronto into a “smart city”» 

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Jobs threatened, jobs created, the future of employment in 2030

Many reports suggest that technology and AI will threaten vast numbers of typical job categories we know today. A new report notes that other factors will also come into play in both eliminating and in creating jobs by 2030 including» 

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Robots and AI may take your job

New survey shows worldwide worry Think about it, when driverless vehicles come on-stream, what happens to literally millions of bus drivers, taxi drivers, and the huge variety of truck and delivery drivers. And that’s just the start. RCI: Feb 2018:» 

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Think your job, your career, is secure? Think again!

“There will be huge carnage and it is going to happen quickly”. Frank Graves We’ve seen it in forestry; one machine can replace a hundred lumberjacks. We’ve seen it in construction where one worker with a nail gun can replace» 

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Canadians generally feel 2017 probably won’t be such a good year

Most Canadians surveyed thought 2016 wasn’t a very good year, and as the new year rings in, there’s a feeling of hope for better times. But, that hope seems to be shortlived in Canada. A new survey this year shows» 


Mid-life crisis? Now quarter-life crisis

Many will have heard of the phenomenon of the so-called “mid-life crisis” when people aged somewhere between roughly 35-50 years old question their lives, goals, future and so on. A new survey of Canadian youth shows  what appears to be»