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Airlines face mounting complaints over delays and cancellations.

It really wasn’t meant to turn out this way when the federal government unveiled new airline travel regulations last year–twice, mind you: in July and December. The aim was to get Canadian-based airlines to clean up their acts, especially when »

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New airline passenger rules set to kick in…will they work?

Transport Minister Marc Garneau was at Ottawa International Airport today to remind travellers that a new set of airline travel regulations take effect on Sunday. It was a redux of last July when Garneau announced passenger-rights rules that required airlines »

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New airline travel regulations…renewed disagreements

New Canadian Transportation Agency rules governing the rights of passengers went took effect Monday. And guess what. A whole bunch of people–from the airline industry to passenger and consumer advocates–say they are less than estatic. The Air Passenger Protection Regulations »

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Advocates sue Ottawa over airport tarmac wait times

Think being stuck in a plane on an airport tarmac is not a lot of fun? Consider what it is might be like for disabled people. And guess what? The federal government overhauled the rules of air travel this spring, »

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Airline overbooking leading to seat bumping can sure ruin a lot of well-planned trips, among other things

It hasn’t raised the kind of backlash that followed the bumping and roughing up of a 69-year-old doctor on the now-infamous United Airlines flight sitting on the tarmac last week in Chicago, but the experience of a Prince Edward Island »

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Airline passenger advocate makes case in court

A Canadian man who has carried on a running battle with the North American airline industry was back in a Halifax court Monday to continue his fight for obese air travellers. Gabor Lukacs is attempting to convince a Federal Court »