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Investments in the oil and gas industry expected to increase in 2020

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is expecting a $2 billion increase in oil and natural gas investments this year.  CAPP also says that investments in traditional oil are expected to increase to $25.4 billion from $24.4 billion. According to »

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Methane emissions in Arctic Ocean have long been overestimated, study claims

A new study from UiT The Arctic University of Norway revealed that estimates of methane emissions released from the Arctic Ocean floor are calculated without taking into account seasonal variability and may therefore be overestimated. “Because we only go [in »

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Aircraft “clean” fuel produced in Montreal

A group of Quebec companies hopes to commercialise a sustainable fuel by 2024 to replace some of the kerosene used in civil aviation. The SAF+ Consortium project aims to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by major industries and transform it »

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Canada history: WWI- April 22-24, 1915: Baptism by fire and poison gas

By April 1915, the First World War already had months of grinding deadly stalemate already behind it. Canadians, relatively fresh on the scene. had been moved into an allied bulge into the German lines called the Ypres Salient. Second Battle »

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Oil and gas well clean-up costs up to $70 billion

It could be a huge financial blow to the oil and gas industry.  An association of landowners, environmental groups, researchers, and academics have released a report they say shows the cost of cleaning up old well sites in the province »

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Gas prices rise − so does gas theft, and damage

Gasoline prices in Canada have risen to record levels and with it a fairly recent phenomenon. Gasoline (petrol) has now hit record highs of over $1.60 per litre in Vancouver, while in Montreal for example prices are over $1.45/l. Technology »

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Ontario colleges funded to cut carbon emissions

Colleges in the province of Ontario are praising the provincial government’s gift of up to $200 million to reduce carbon emissions in the college system and up to $300 in interest-free loans to retrofit college and university facilities. The announcement »

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Concerns over changes to Canada’s offshore drilling policy

Several environmental agencies have expressed concerns over relatively quiet changes being proposed for offshore drilling. They say notice for public consultation has been barely advertised, that affected first nations tribes have not been consulted at all, and that most input »

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Natural gas megaproject shelved

A $36-billion project plan to build a 900-km pipeline and west coast port to transport liquefied natural gas to Asia has been shelved. The Pacific NorthWest LNG consortium announced the decision was made by the Malaysian oil and gas company »

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Canada, and the world’s, water crisis Part 2 of 5

In her new book, Boiling Point: Government neglect, corporate abuse, and Canada’s water crisis” Maude Barlow details the variety of situations that threaten Canada’s and the world’s supply and access to fresh water. “The water crisis is at our door »