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LGBTQ2+ museum to be created in Ottawa

A Canadian advocacy group is raising funds to create the country’s first museum presenting historical and current stories of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or of other gender or sexual minorities. The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual» 


‘Serial killer:’ words now used in massive police investigation

Toronto Police have laid three more charges of first-degree murder against a landscaper and are asking people who had work done by him to contact investigators. It seems police have found human remains in some large planters and are looking» 

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Apology and money to Canada’s LGBT community today

Canada’s federal Liberal government is set to announce a formal apology to Canada’s LGBT community today. The apology is in relation to legal and other actions taken against large numbers of public servants and military members in the years after» 

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Gay pride parades and police: the controversy continues

The issue began last year when the protest group Black Lives Matter-deliberately interrupted and stalled the huge Toronto Pride Parade. They insisted holding up the parade and not moving until the parade organisers agreed to their demands, one of which is that» 

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Gay pride inclusiveness questioned as Toronto may pull its funding

It’s not about trying to save money, it’s about the principle” J.Campbell The annual gay pride parade in Toronto is a huge event attracting tens of thousands from around the region and internationally. The parade organizers, under pressure from a» 

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Blood donation rules may change regarding HIV risk

The U.S. is ending its 30-year-old complete ban on blood donations from men who have had sex with men and Canada is likely to follow suit next year. But some restrictions will still apply. Before testing for HIV became available» 

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Popular TV co-host found dead in Toronto alley

Police have confirmed the body of Christopher Hyndman, the co-host of an afternoon talk show, was found in an alleyway shortly after 11pm Monday in Toronto’s east end. No further details were available and a police investigation continues. Hyndman and» 

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The LINK Online, Sat., June 27, 2015

Your hosts this week, Lynn Desjardins, Carmel Kilkenny, and Marc Montgomery Gay speed skaters Blake Skjellerup and Anastasia Bucsis feature in the documentary To Russia With Love, about the gay rights controversy at the Sochi Winter Olympics © “To Russia With» 

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Legislating an end to “gay conversion” therapy

DiNovo is the provincial NDP critic for LGBT issues, notes that California recently banned the same therapy, which has been widely condemned by psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers. © supplied :Cheri Dinovi’s Office Ontario politicians have voted this week in favour» 

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Toronto- “rainbow” capital of the world June 20-29

Canada’s largest city, Toronto Ontario, has long been known to be the site of one of the biggest, if not- the- biggest, gay pride parades and parties in North America Often attracting up to a million people into the city»