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Study reveals uniqueness of Nunavik Inuit genetics

The Inuit of Nunavik are an Indigenous people who live in an isolated region of northern Quebec where conditions can be very harsh. This isolation makes them quite unique in a variety of ways, including genetically. A new study from »

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Controversial experiment: Chinese add human gene to monkey brains

Once again Chinese researchers are being condemned for an experiment involving genomics. The controversy comes from an effort to insert a human brain gene into eleven monkey embroyos. The  five surviving monkeys did not have bigger brains but their brains »

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New immunology discovery to fight cancer and more

The human body is a remarkably complex and yet efficient machine. Scientists are learning more and more about how the machine works and the tiniest parts can play a big role. New discoveries have been taking place in the area »

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The importance of the genetic non-discrimination act

Protecting your right to your genetic information In 2017 Canada passed the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, to protect people from being discriminated against over revelations of their genetic information from lab testing and any possible anomalies or mutations. Such discrimination could be »

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The detailed genetic history of elephants

Mammoths, mastodons, straight-tusked elephants, and living species; an international team of scientists have established the most complete genomic history of elephants. They’re produced complete genomes of 14 species, from long extinct, to living elephant species. Evolutionary geneticist Hendrik Poinar (PhD) »

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New fascinating chapter to Newfoundland ancient history

New DNA testing dispels belief of genetic connection between ancient peoples It was a tragic chapter in Canadian history. An ancient aboriginal people, the Beothuk had lived on the huge island of Newfoundland for about 1,000 years. They disappeared however, »

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Can trees adapt to climate change? Perhaps not easily

Some suprising new research shows trees in the same environment have developed shared genes, though they are different species. What researchers have long thought is that genetic solutions to deal with climate change would be complex, involving genetic differences and »

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Ethical issues of genetic manipulation of life, including humans

The ability to manipulate genetic information is not particularly new, at least in the scientific world.  However, a new technology and technique known as CRISPR-Cas9, has completely revolutionized that ability. It is a dramatically simpler, faster, and more accurate way »

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Canadian breakthrough in the nature-nurture debate in determining traits

Canadian researchers have made a startling discovery with potentially huge repercussions. The research was carried out at McGill University in Montreal where the team discovered a mechanism controlling gene expression of growth such that they could environmentally (through epigenetics) adjust the »

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Stress in pregnancy affects child’s genetic expression

We are learning more about how stress during pregnancy will have an affect upon the children. A new study has been following the children of mothers who experienced the stress of a massive ice storm in Quebec in 1998, which »