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Canada history: Aug 31,1993: Canada’s military bids farewell to Germany

Canadian Forces Europe (CFE) ends On this date the last of Canada’ s military forces said goodbye to their home away home in southern Germany. CFB Baden-Soellingen, and CFB Larh had been the site of Canada’s NATO forces for some »


A German protestor wears a bag reading “I am stupid and believe everything!”

A protestor wears a paper bag reading “I am stupid and believe everything!” in Reeperbahn red-light district during a May Day demonstration, amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Hamburg, Germany May 1, 2020. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer. »

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Berlin Wall: Canada’s role leading to the breach 30 years ago

Thirty years ago, on Nov. 9, during an hour-long press conference, the East German government officially eased, with immediate effect, its restrictions on travel to the West. In the hours that followed, people began to gather at the six checkpoints »

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Arctic ice cover-second lowest on record

Records show this year saw the second lowest September sea-ice minimum cover in the Arctic compared to the 2012 record minimum. October was unusually warm and as ice began reforming in late September, the ice has been slow to re-form. »

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Quebec rules for safety over turbans, religious beliefs

After years of litigation that began in 2006, the highest court in the province of Quebec has ruled workplace safety comes before religious beliefs. The ruling concerns Sikh truckdrivers who had challenged a requirement to wear safety helmets when leaving »

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Could snow cannons in Antarctica help avert catastrophic sea level rise?

Eye on the Arctic features stories and newsmakers from across the North, but today, we bring you a look at climate change from the southern Pole A team of climate scientists has put forward a daring solution to the instability of »

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Update: Canadian couple convicted in Germany for hate

The German law is called “Volksverhetzung” which loosely translates as “incitement to hatred”.  In a trial which ended last Friday, a Canadian woman was convicted for her 2016 youtube video which claimed the Holocaust never happened and that it was »

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Psst: wanna buy a used military drone? Almost new, and only missing a few vital things

Canada-German deal reported to be possible Germany is trying to sell off a huge military drone that it has barely used but which has cost it over 700 million Euros. Canada is said to be a possible buyer even though »

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Human rights group demands German, EU intervention in Canada-Saudi row

A prominent German human rights group is calling on Berlin and European Union officials in Brussels to act as mediators in the diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia over Ottawa’s public criticism of Riyadh’s human rights policies. Saudi Arabia »

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Canadian on trial in Germany for Holocaust denial

Canadian-born Monika Schaefer, 59, of Jasper, Alberta, is now on trial in Germany along with her 63-year-old German-Canadian brother, Alfred, who now lives near Munich. They are charged under German laws against “inciting hatred”. Both have been charged relating to »