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‘Carbon leakage’: industrial avoidance of carbon tax

Canada has instituted a carbon tax in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, a new study show there may well be unintended and less desirable consequences. Carlos Murillo prepared a study of these concerns. He is the senior »

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Canada lagging behind on electric vehicles: think-tank

Canada must do more to promote electric vehicles to meet its goals of reducing greenhouse gases and also to reap economic benefits, reports the think-tank Clean Energy Canada. In 2016, only 0.6 per cent of car sales in Canada were »

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Electric vehicles: the argument against subsidies

Many people buy electric vehicles in hopes of reducing greenhouse gases. Many provinces in Canada encourage buying “EV’s” by providing subsidies. A new study by the Montreal Economic Institute says the practice is “the least efficient, and most expensive” way »

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Panel to study how oilsands can reduce GHG emissions

Representatives of the oil industry, environmental groups and indigenous communities will form a panel to examine how the oilsands can meet targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reports Canadian Press. The government of the oil-producing province of Alberta has created »

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Thumbs up for Ontario law to cut greenhouse gases

A leading environmental group is applauding an Ontario law to cut carbon emissions that cause climate change. Canada’s most populous province has created a legal obligation to reduce emissions by 80 per cent below 1990 levels by 2050. ‘A very »

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New study: Canada not doing so well environmentally

A new report  released on the eve of Earth day by a Canadian think-tank says Canada is doing poorly when it comes to the environment and greenhouse gas emissions. Compared with other peer countries, the Conference Board of Canada  report placed »

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Mayor issues climate change challenge to business

The mayor of Vancouver is recruiting businesses to get involved in the fight against climate change. Ten companies and organizations have already signed the Vancouver Climate Pledge which commits them to “voicing their support for stronger action on climate change »