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Invasive ‘murder hornets’ on the move deepening concerns

Though the name might be a slight exaggeration, they’re still quite scary. Several times the size of a typical North American hornet or wasp, the Asian variety has a sting equal to its five centimetre size (almost 2 inches). It »

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Iconic symbol to Ontario mining to disappear

Sudbury and surrounding area in northern Ontario, was built around mining in the hard rock of the Canadian shield geographical feature. Known for its giant ‘nickel’ five cent coin, symbolising nickel mining, the other landmark is a truly gigantic smokestack »

Environment & Animal Life, International

Asian carp, ash borer beetles, and now giant hornets

Various Canadian agencies concerned with the environment have been battling invasive species for years, and now a destructive new threat has arrived. A giant hornet from Asia has now joined threats from the invasive fish species known as Asian carp »

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Canada and Norway lock horns over moose statue, but wait there’s more

Bigger is one thing, but first is another- That goes to Dryden The international conflict between two northern countries began surprisingly with a traffic safety project in Norway. The idea was to attract people to the giant moose and so »

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Wawa’s giant goose is cooked!

Well, perhaps ‘cooked’ isn’t the right word,, more like rusting away. The small town of Wawa in northern Ontario was thrilled knowing that in 1960, the Trans-Canada highway to the town was going to be completed. That would mean lots »

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Canadian scientists detail new giant clam species

Canadian scientists have documented a distinct new species of giant file clam that was originally found in a deep canyon off Newfoundland in eastern Canada. Although specimens were found in Atlantic waters, genetic testing suggests it is not at all »