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After years of complaints Google to pay for some news content

Media publishers around the world have been long complaining about massive loss of revenue siphoned off by Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. They say the huge multinationals take their content and pay nothing.  They’ve also siphoned off much of the »

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Google asks North American employees to work from home

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, Google has asked its North American employees to work from home. According to an email from Google, all of its North American offices are recommended to work »

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Google commits new investment into its Canadian operations

Tech giant, Google has announced that it is expanding its operations in Canada by opening three news offices across the country. Google is going to open offices in Waterloo, Toronto, and Montreal. Google also announced that they want to be »

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“Smart” district battle in Toronto shows no signs of lessening

The idea by a Google subsidiary is to create a unique “smart” district in the heart of Toronto. The totally wired and integrated area has constantly raised concerns about data gathering by a multi-national, surveillance, and privacy issues. The company »

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Shut down social media platforms, ‘call their bluff’, says ex-Facebook adviser

To protect democracy and personal freedoms, liberal democracies have to force a radical transformation of social media giants and may have to go as far as shutting down recalcitrant social media platforms, says former adviser to Facebook. “If your goals »

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Google streetview: Now you can visit Mars (on Earth)

Google has taken its “streetview” cameras to the high Arctic before, but now they’ve gone to another very special place..Mars.  Well, almost. Devon Island is the site of a Mars mission training ground The remote and desolate Devon Island is »

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The right to be forgotten- restricting access to certain internet sites

Removing old or embarrassing or incorrect links about individuals It’s part of a privacy law in the European Union sometimes called the right to be forgotten, but it’s more the right to erasure (of access to specific content) and it »

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From a garage to worldwide giant: 20 years of Google

Don’t know something? Google it.  Want to email, well there’s Gmail. Want to find a place, well there’s google maps, and google earth. Google is now the largest and best known name on the internet with income in the billions »

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Where are you and where have you been? Google knows!

Tracking function turned off? Maybe not quite. It seems that in this digital age of privacy concerns, even disabling certain tracking functions on your smartphone doesn’t entirely protect your information A recent Associated Press investigations shows Google services could still »

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Canadians’ interests revealed in Google searches

Hurricane Irma was one of the topics most searched by Canadians in 2017, according to the 17th annual survey of top-trending searches on Google. The hurricane that battered the Caribbean and Florida starting on August 30th  was also widely searched »