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Governments in Canada act to ban conversion therapy

The Canadian government is urging all governments at different levels to take action against any therapy that seeks to repair or convert a person’s sexual orientation. Several municipal and provincial governments have already acted to end conversion therapy and the» 


As avalanche risk increases, government funds prevention

The Canadian government says avalanches are the country’s deadliest natural hazard and they occur in almost every province and territory. It adds that the risks posed by avalanches are increasing as more people take part in backcountry sports and because» 


Funding to prevent diabetes announced

The Canadian government will spend up to $4.5 million over four years to help up to 3,850 people at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. About 200,000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed every year in Canada. Statistics suggest» 

Environment, Society

Canada boosts conservation of habitats in private hands

There are people across Canada who strive try to protect ecologically sensitive landscapes they own, and now, they may get help from a new program funded by the Canadian government. It has pledged a $100 million program that will result» 


Largest food retailer gets funding for climate action

The Canadian government will invest up to $12 million to help the Loblaw supermarket chain retrofit refrigeration systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project will involve about 370 stores across Canada and will help reduce annual emissions by about» 

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The 2019 “best” (worst) of government waste awards announced

Where hard-earned taxpayer dollars go to disappear They’re called “The Teddy Awards” named after a former government bureaucrat , Ted Weatherhill, who was eventually fired after charging taxpayers vast sums for food and drink expenses over several years. The awards» 

Economy, Immigration & Refugees

Projects sought to help newcomers get jobs

The Canadian government has invited proposals for projects that help newcomers enter the job market faster. It is often difficult for newcomers to have their credentials recognized in Canada. The government seeks projects that will help with that and will» 


Political scandal Canada: dual office of Justice Minister and Attorney-General, a concern?

Alleged interference in a criminal case by the highest level of the Liberal government has been Canada. The scandal centres on Jody Wilson-Raybould who holds the partisan position of Justice Minister in the Liberal cabinet, and the non-partisan position of» 

Environment, Internet, Science and Technology

Weather app launched by Canadian government

“As climate change brings more extreme variations in weather, Canadians are using mobile devices to stay up to date,” says a statement from the government department, Environment and Climate Change. And that is the reason it gives for launching a» 

Environment, Indigenous

Canada sued for failure to protect caribou habitat

Environmental and Indigenous groups have filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government for failing to protect the critical habitat of five boreal caribou herds in the western province of Alberta. These animals are in decline across Canada mainly because of»