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Canadian students win international solar competition

Universities are a source of great innovation and ideas. With concern about the environment, alternatives to fossil fuel power are always being sought, solar power among them and Canadian universities are actively working on solutions, including in the transport sector.» 

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The circus is in town! Parties, speed and noise as the F1 comes to Canada

The world has come to Montreal this week in the form of the Formula-1 Grand Prix, to be held this weekend on the Gilles Villeneuve track. Some streets in downtown Montreal are already closed to traffic to allow for pre-race» 

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Formula 1 comes to Canada: hopes for Canadian driver

The circus is in town The crowds have come to downtown Montreal for this year’s Canadian Grand Prix. The bars are full and some streets have been closed off for F1 related events. Many are also watching for sights of» 

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The FI circus comes to Canada- crowds, money, and prostitution

Some sex trade workers and activists say that when the F1 Grand Prix comes to town, the demand for sex workers goes up, a lot. Many of the activist groups denounce the race for the increase in prostitution and human» 

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Rising Canadian star to join F1 circus

Many international fans will remember with fondness, the late Canadian F1 star, Gilles Villeneuve, one of the most popular and exciting drivers of his time. Another young Canadian may now be set to take up Villeneuve’s mantel. Only 17, with» 

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Taxi drivers protest in advance of Montreal’s Formula 1

Taxi drivers blocked a bridge off the island of Montreal today to protest stalling tactics. Nearly 1,000 drivers from around the province took part in the blockade near the site of this weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix race. They gathered in support» 

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History: May 8, 1982, Canadian F1 star, Gilles Villeneuve killed

It happened in a split second, Gilles Villeneuve, a superstar F1 driver was trying to create a good qualifying time for the Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder. In the final moments of qualifying, Jochen Mass was touring his way back» 

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Grand Prix of Canada: the Formula 1 circus returns to Montreal

After concerns in the past that Montreal would lose its Formula One race, the circus is back in town again this year for the 34th time Surely the coolest hat award should go to this guy seen at the open track»