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Study shows more and more plastics are polluting the Great Lakes

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: another natural treasure is under threat–really under threat. Just the Great Lakes, folks. You know: those five enormous and gorgeous bodies of water, straddling Canada and the U.S., that have long served as »

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Forecast calls for continued high water in Great Lakes

Water levels in the Great Lakes are likely to remain unusually high and may set additional records in 2020, resulting in more coastal erosion and flooding, according to a new forecast released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A »

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Officials ask anglers to report Asian carp sightings

Officials at the Invasive Species Centre are asking the public for help to identify and locate Asian carp in the Great Lakes. Commercial fishermen, anglers, cottage owners and boaters have been asked to actively search for the invasive fish while »

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Some waterways in Canada’s Great Lakes region now as salty as ocean: study

Road salt levels have hit new record levels in Canada’s Great Lakes region, making some waterways as salty as the ocean according to new chloride maps revealed by environmental advocates. WWF-Canada’s Great Lakes Chloride Summer Hot Spot Map reveals that »

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Canada’s southernmost community slowly washing away

The small community on Pelee Island in the middle of Lake Erie, is home to a variety of wildlife, homes, and cottages. It’s under threat of slow erosion. In 1972, a storm that swept across the lake, washed away five »


Record high water levels expected on Great Lakes

As if the floods that have hit eastern Canadian provinces were not bad enough, there is a new forecast that record high water levels are expected on several of the Great Lakes over the next six months. These massive, deep »

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On World Water Day, the caring continue their fight to save what we can’t live without

It’s World Water Day–an annual event when the United Nations and anybody and everybody else who cares to try to make things just a little better brings attention to what’s going on with the world’s water supply. And, in case »

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Wilderness preserved: Conservationists acquire large tract of Great Lakes land.

Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater body of water by surface area. It’s location in northern Ontario means it has not had quite the same amount of development pressure. That pressure is growing however as more people seek waterfront »

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Lake Erie Action Plan aims to reduce toxic slime

Huge algae blooms have for years created a toxic slime on one of the Great Lakes at the heart of North America. It can make people sick, kill fish and other aquatic life and make drinking water unsafe for human »

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Experience Canada’s great outdoors: Become a lighthouse keeper for the summer

North America’s Great Lakes are so vast, they are like inland seas, and are subject to violent storms. In the 1800’s as shipping became more active, lighthouses were set up in critical areas all around the lakes. Several remain to »