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Twelve Canadian cities will host more than a hundred citizen actions this Saturday : be part of it!

All over the world, many active citizen projects are taking place every day: from fighting pollution to simply organising a yoga class in a park. The founders of 100In1Day took this idea of active citizenship at the heart of social »

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Aircraft “clean” fuel produced in Montreal

A group of Quebec companies hopes to commercialise a sustainable fuel by 2024 to replace some of the kerosene used in civil aviation. The SAF+ Consortium project aims to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by major industries and transform it »

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(interview) The fastest growing sector of Canadian economy is the …

..clean energy industry Amid all the talk about reducing pollution and going green, there’s not been much general awareness of the fastest growing area of the Canadian economy. Clean Energy Canada commissioned a report which analyses Canada’s clean energy industries. »

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Switching to a “green” vehicle? Canadians lukewarm

A new survey by the Angus Reid Institute of Canadians attitudes towards so-called green vehicles shows divided opinions. .After more than five years of incentive programmes in three of Canada’s most populous provinces to help fund purchases of electric or »

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Missing the target: Ontario’s “green” plan for electric vehicles

It was in 2009 that the government in Canada’s most populous province announced an ambitious “green” plan to promote electric vehicles. It was a main plank in the Liberal government “green plan” to reduce pollution. The plan envisioned one in »


British Columbia New Democrats to form minority government

British Columbians are waking up to a new premier after a tumultuous Thursday evening that saw the provincial Liberals lose a non-confidence vote in the legislature, sending them to the Opposition benches for the first time in 16 years. New »

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Government to encourage energy-efficient buildings

In on-going efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian government is about to take steps to ensure new and existing buildings are more energy efficient, reports CBC. Buildings account for 17 per cent of carbon emissions in Canada. The »

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Politician calls for green burials

“Human composting” should be encouraged as an alternative to the current ways Canadians treat bodies after death, say a politician in western Canada. Canadian Press (CP) reports the leader of the Green Party in the province of Manitoba, James Beddome »

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Renewed call to make leader’s residence ‘green’

The official residence of Canada’s prime minister badly needs renovation and an environmental group is renewing its call for a net-zero energy retrofit. The residence at 24 Sussex Drive in the capital, Ottawa, is in such poor shape that newly-elected »

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Green Party leader supports employees’ free speech

Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she supports civil servants’ right to free speech. At an election rally in the western city of Vancouver, May invited former federal government scientist Tony Turner to sing the song he composed exhorting Prime »