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Global warming; greenhouse gas and breeding a better cow

In terms of its greenhouse gas effect, each molecule of methane is equal to about 20 to 25 molecules of CO2. Cows in their digestion emit a lot of methane; out of both ends of the animal. Canadian researchers are» 


Gasoline pump warning-you’re hurting the planet

In Canada and some other countries, every cigarette package is emblazoned with a big health warning. Now, a community of about 35,000  in west coast British Columbia wants the same sort of thing at gas stations on every pump pistol.» 

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Activists applaud promise to cut methane emissions

Canada and the U.S. joint promise to cut methane emissions by 40-45 per cent by 2025 is winning praise from environmentalists for the effect it will have in fighting climate change. The leaders made the announcement on March 10, 2016» 

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It’s official, 2015 was hottest year on record

Today, Wednesday, scientists confirmed what the World Meteorological Organization and  many other scientific groups suspected months ago, that 2015 was going to be the hottest year in 136 years of record keeping. They also said that the five year period from» 


Greenhouse gas: corporate reporting sketchy, difficult to compare

World leaders have gathered in Paris to discuss the interconnected issues of greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and climate change and to seek ways to reduce those emissions. An often discussed solution involes carbon taxes, and carbon trading but to» 

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Electric Vehicles Day in Toronto

Are electric vehicles the way of the future in reducing greenhouse gases? A new group promoting the use of electric vehicles (EV) thinks so. The non-profit advocacy group “Plug’n Drive” plans a rally at the Ontario provincial parliament buildings today.» 

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Sierra Club urges quick action on climate change

Traditionally, new government leaders spend 100 first days in office before they are assessed, but Canada’s new prime minister must work much more quickly than that on climate change, says the environmental group Sierra Club Canada Foundation. Prime minister-elect Justin» 

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Most politicians avoiding climate issue: professor

‘A lot of pretending going on’ Canada is among the world’s top three emitters of greenhouse gases but when it comes to climate change issues, “there is a lot of pretending going on from each of the three major, national» 

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Mayor issues climate change challenge to business

The mayor of Vancouver is recruiting businesses to get involved in the fight against climate change. Ten companies and organizations have already signed the Vancouver Climate Pledge which commits them to “voicing their support for stronger action on climate change» 

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Demonstrating the feasibility of “net zero” housing

In housing, the “net-zero” concept means a house that produces as much energy itself as it consumes. This is not an entirely new concept, but such rare buildings have always been custom made. BuildABILITY Corporation is a housing industry consulting»