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Science lacks evidence on depression in women, find researchers

Depression affects twice as many women as men and there needs to be more research on what makes men’s and women’s brains so different, say researchers at the University of Guelph. The researchers looked at studies on sex differences in »

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Warning: Beware of seniors in parking lots with shovels! (really)

Ah, the joys and perils of winter. As great swaths of Canada grapple with temperatures better suited to the North Pole and news stories inform us that Winnipeg is hitting temperatures colder than Siberia, Canadians are bombarded with stories about »

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Crisis text line offers help to stressed students

University of Guelph students in the province of Ontario now have a new way to access mental health support through a 24-hour texting service. Increased reports of depression, anxiety among students A survey of students conducted in Ontario in 2016 »

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Water containers may be making Arctic people sick: study

One of the highest rates of acute gastrointestinal illness occurs in Indigenous communities in the Canadian Arctic and researchers from the University of Guelph say that may have to do with containers. There are acute problems of access to clean »

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Middle-aged Canadians not practicing safe sex: study

A new study suggests that most single Canadians between the ages of 40 and 59 are not practicing safe sex by using condoms. The study by a University of Guelph researcher found that of all Canadian men in this age »


Beer launched to celebrate Black History Month

A special beer is being launched in Guelph in the province of Ontario using a symbol of the so-called Underground Railroad, used by slaves in the 1800s to escape from the southern U.S. to Canada. Lantern Ale is named for »

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Low levels of pesticides affect bees’ foraging

A new Canadian study found that low levels of pesticides can impact bumblebees’ foraging behaviour and that could impair the essential pollination services they provide to crops and wild plants. The study from the University of Guelph in Ontario was »

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Predators, prey, and the mathematics of nature

Science has long presumed, and taught, that when the numbers of prey increase, the number of predators increase in a linear relationship. New research says that’s not actually the case at all, that a doubling of prey does not result »

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Long winter hard on birds of prey

Winter just didn’t want to give up this year, and that’s been hard of birds of prey. The younger ones especially are being found and turned in to animal rescue centres. Pathologist Doug Campbell, from Canadian Co-operative Wildlife Health Centre »