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New allergy guidelines recommend against food bans in schools

Allergic reactions to food can be dangerous and even cause death, and an international team led by a Canadian university has developed new guidelines to prevent and manage such reactions in schools and child care centres.  From one to 10 »

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Canadian health authorities now urge using 3-layer masks

The Public Health Agency of Canada is now recommending Canadians wear non-medical face masks made of three layers of materials, including a filter, as the number of coronavirus infections in the country continues to grow unabated. Speaking at a press »


New obesity guidelines based in treating root causes instead of weight loss

New guidelines for treating obesity in Canada are centered around identifying personal drivers of obesity, setting realistic goals, and maintaining healthy behaviours over the long term. The Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) were developed by Obesity Canada and »


Medical experts in Ontario release guidelines for reopening schools

A group of experts led by SickKids, a hospital for sick children in Toronto, have developed and released a set of guidelines for reopening of schools in Ontario this September amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines, which were released in »

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UN issues new guidelines for very young children’s health

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends children under five spend less time sitting watching screens or restrained in prams and seats, that they get better quality sleep and have more time for active play. These are included in new guidelines »

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Screen time not proven harmful to children, complicating advice

British pediatricians have found there is not enough evidence to prove that the time children spend on televisions, computers and other screens is harmful to their health. There are negative associations between screen time and poor mental health, sleep and »


Pregnant women urged to exercise

Physical activity is a “critical component” of achieving a healthy pregnancy, say doctors and researchers in Canada. This is one step up from their previously calling exercise “a recommended behaviour.” A review of 25,000 studies done at Western University was »

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Very young Canadians not getting enough sleep, activity

Health officials say only 12 per cent of toddlers and 13 per cent of pre-schoolers are getting the right amounts of sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. They add that these very young children are spending too much time in »

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First-ever guidelines for Type 1 diabetics who exercise

People with Type 1 diabetes must be careful to control their sugar levels and doing exercise can make that more difficult and even dangerous if they miscalculate. But now an international team of researchers and clinicians led by York University »

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Stem cell guidelines aim to assure integrity

Stem cell research is evolving so fast that new international guidelines have been developed to insure rigour, oversight and transparency. The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). is the world’s largest professional organization of stem cell scientists and while »