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‘Total betrayal.’ Gun control activists react to Trudeau’s gun buyback scheme

Gun control activists in Canada reacted with “anger and dismay” on Tuesday to the Trudeau government’s proposed legislation to toughen the country’s gun laws, accusing the Liberals of backtracking on their promise to remove all newly blacklisted firearms from circulation. »


Deadly shooting rampage reignites calls for tighter gun laws in Canada

The weekend’s shooting rampage in Atlantic Canada that has claimed 23 lives, including a 17-year-old, is reigniting calls for tighter gun control laws as Canadians wrestle to understand how such tragedy could have happened in the normally tranquil rural Nova »

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Controversial Canadian firearms control bill passes

It’s called Bill C-71 and it introduces some new measures alleged to better control firearms in Canada. The bill has now passed the Senate with the majority of independent senators supporting their Liberal colleagues. The bill is awaiting Royal assent »

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30 years after Polytechnique massacre Canada’s gun debate rages on

On a quiet afternoon on Dec. 6, 1989, a young man armed with a semi-automatic rifle hidden in a plastic garbage bag walked into the hilltop campus of the Université de Montréal’s engineering school with vengeance in his heart. After »


Most of Quebec’s long guns still unregistered with deadline fast approaching

With the deadline for Quebec gun owners to register their firearms just over two weeks away, the vast majority of guns in the province remain unregistered, according to government statistics. Quebec instituted its own provincial registry for non-restricted firearms or »


A ban on handguns for Canada?

(public commenting open- scroll to bottom to submit. Comments will be posted after moderating) The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is set to examine a national ban on handguns and “assault rifle” lookalikes. In a letter to the recently created »


Gun control debate reignited by Toronto shooting rampage

Following the shooting spree that killed two people and injured 13 on July 22, 2018 in Toronto, city council asked the federal government to ban the sale of handguns and ammunition in the city. It also wants the government to »


Firearms rights group launches constitutional challenge of Quebec gun law

Quebec has recently passed a law which eventually would require all long-guns (rifles and shotguns)  to be individually registered with the provincial government. This comes after the federal government scrapped the national registry of long guns as being an excessively »

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Opposition growing to Quebec firearms registry.

Three years after the Conservative government in Ottawa scrapped the federal long-gun registry, the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec announced it would introduce its own version within the province. The federal government at the time said the cost of two »

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Gun control in Canada

Recent events in the U.S. and a tragic anniversary in Canada have once again ignited debate over gun control in this country. Canada has long-established and relatively stringent laws controlling private ownership, use, and storage of firearms, but for some, these »