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Gun laws, Saskatchewan residents don’t support stricter laws

(Public comments open at bottom- Comments will be posted after moderating) In Canada, obtaining a firearms licence requires mandatory training and detailed background checks by police. There are also many strict regulations regarding firearms use and storage. Many types of »

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Inuit want exemption from registry of guns used for hunting

The Inuit of northern Quebec are once again saying they should be exempt from Quebec’s newly implemented long gun registry, that is hunting rifles and shotguns. They say they have distinct hunting rights under the James Bay and Northern Quebec »

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Canadian Government introduces new gun restrictions

Citing an increase in gangs and gun crime, yesterday the federal Liberal government introduced new restrictions and obligations for gun ownership in Canada, called Bill C-71. Tony Bernardo is the executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), a »


Toronto councillor proposes gun amnesty

Canadians tend to think gun violence is a U.S. problem and may be shocked to learn a Toronto councillor is proposing a gun amnesty program for his own city, reports Canadian Press (CP). There has been a rash of gun »

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Documentary-“Up in Arms”- the for and against of firearms ownership in Canada

Canada has strict firearms laws, but whenever there is a shooting, from gang violence, or a person gone mad, the issue of further restrictions comes up, bolstered by a strong anti-gun lobby A new documentary film explores the legal and »

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3-D printed gun could circumvent controls

A 3-D printer can now be used by anyone to make a plastic gun. Texas-based Defense Distributed has just made the blueprints available for free. The non-profit group professes to want to challenge gun laws and to make weapons available »