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Urgent call to save northern Ontario caribou

A group of environmental organisations has come together in an open letter urging the federal government to act quickly to save two small herds of boreal caribou. The letter blames provincial mismanagement for the herds decline. Ecojustice on behalf of »

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Unique habitat in Canadian Rockies expanded, preserved

Canada’s Darkwoods Conservation Area may soon grown by 7,900 hectares ensuring the protection of essential habitat for almost 40 confirmed species at risk. These include grizzly bears, wolverines, peregrine falcons, mountain caribou and whitebark pine. The area will now measure »

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Plan to allow logging threatens caribou, say environmentalists

A U.S. environmental group is accusing the province of Ontario of enabling rampant logging in the habitat of its declining boreal caribou. The Natural Resources Defense Council says there was no meaningful consultation before Ontario proposed to extend logging industry »

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Caribou decline, habitat still shrinking

Caribou populations continue to decline and disturbances in their habitat are still increasing in spite of a recovery strategy put in place by the Canadian government in 2012. The government has released a progress report on implementation of the strategy »

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Climate change, habitat loss, hard on migratory birds

Changes to the climate and habitat are occurring so rapidly that it is difficult for some bird species to adapt and, if they cannot adapt or conditions do not improve, they could face extinction. Migratory birds in eastern Canada face »

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Ecosystems: The importance of habitat connectivity

The climate is changing, and that’s changing the environment. That in turn is changing how various species which have adapted to an environment, act and react to their new and changing environmental conditions. A new study says to help preserve »

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CPAWS- Charity group sues government over caribou

The non-profit national charity conservation group, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has launched a lawsuit against the federal government over failure to uphold an aspect of the Species at Risk Act. Specifically the lawsuit is over the habitat »

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Canadian expert says giraffe warning not surprising

Biologists are warning that giraffes are at risk of extinction. Their numbers have dropped 40 per cent since 1985. There are only 97,562 left. Anne Innis Daag overcame stubborn obstacles to become the first person to study giraffes and other »

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Canada protects breeding ground for endangered bird

Although the Roseate Tern is found in areas of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, it breeds almost exclusively in Canada’s eastern province of Nova Scotia. The Canadian government has moved to protect those breeding grounds on four islands. Gulls, erosion »

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Technology gives new insight into whale behaviour

We know a little about whales, but often have more questions than answers. Traditional observation done by following whales and pods in boats, gives only limited knowledge of behaviour at the surface and may in fact disturb them thereby possibly »